Oriental Express is a new breed of fusion music band blending various genres including Korean classical music, Jazz and music technology. Oriental Express was formed in 2004 with Youngjun Choi(Keyboardist), Hyounjong Kim (Drummer), Hyunmo Kim (Bassist ) as the main members of the band. Youngjun Choi is the leader of the band and also the main composer. In 2005, Oriental Express was joined by Kyungso Park (Gayageum player).

With 5 albums out, including 2006’s the debut album ‘To The West’, 2007’s the second album ‘Cruising Together’, 2008’s the third album ‘Vision of the Road’ and 2011’s the fourth album ‘Wonderful Life’, Oriental Express has pursued an extraordinary and broadened genre of their own, trying to incorporate various rhythmical ideas such as Korean traditional, jazz, rock, latin, funk, disco and even electronic into their own melodies. Not only have they made great endeavors in delivering performances but also in the development of software and hardware which are needed for their performances.

They have been developing electronic haegeum, electronic gayageum, i-janggu(Korean classical percussion). Moreover, they have also expanded their expertise to the synthesizer software for Korean classical instruments. In addition, various sensors and interactive real-time software are under development by Youngjun Choi and Oriental Express.

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